Friday, January 13, 2012

Aaah Saturday. 12.30 and i'm still in my pj's...

Kiddies were happy watching a dvd so did some scrapping.
This was my entry for Anna's Craft Cupboard jan sketch:

Trying to do more 'boy' layouts! I cant resist using flowers though, my pages feel naked without them. Why cant boys have flowers??

Hudson's little face is so cute here. He's whinging, had enough of mama taking pics, about 4 months old.  Even then he didn't like to sit still for very long.
I've just started mix feeding him. The only time he keeps still for a feed is his 4am one, when he's sleepy.  The little fidget bum cannot keep still even for milky milk! I love breast feeding my babies, so its hard to let go. I'm happy to get up for the 4am feed while i'm not working, i'm not ready to let go yet! Bubs is just so energetic, on the go and perhaps easily distracted. I wonder what kind of little boy he'll be! He's pretty cluey, just like Sophia was and is, but she's much more relaxed, and more cuddley! She'll happily sit on my lap for hugs. She's starting to understand the concept of languages (thanks to Dora the Explorer), and has decided she wants to learn French! She even knows how to change the setting on her DS so the game speaks to her in french. Geez, she's 3!

Anyways, time to sort out lunch for my hungry kiddies (Adrian included...)

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