Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm back!
Hmm, not sure if anyone visits my little blog, but i'll explain my absence anyway.
So i became addicted to pinterest... and then decided i needed to spend more of my time in looking after myself. Scrapbooking was the ONLY time i had to myself. I've been putting off my fitness for too long. No more hiding behind the 'I'm a new mum', as Hudson turned 1 in April. So i've been exercising regularly, and i've cut down the sugar and refined carb intake, so no more chocolate, biccies, cake and rubbish i was consuming on a daily basis.
I started caring about my appearance again. I did my hair, my nails, a smidge of make up here and there. Bought some nicer clothes. Started socialising at some 'night spots' i used to frequent not so long ago! (Lol, i'm not crazy partying like i used too, just actually turned up to friend's birthday's, and a hens night...)

So, all this took me away from scrapbooking, and honestly i needed the break because now i've started up again i love it!

So here's a layout i did for BITW challenge, the word was 'future'.

A picture of Adrian and i before the babes came along.

Used Basic Grey Euphoria papers, Prima and Kaiser flowers, thickers, diary page, vintage swap card, twine, homemade mist.

I'll be back in the next few days with some layouts i've done just for myself, not for challenges. (i'm easing off on entering challenges).

Thanks for stopping by! xx

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  1. YEP! I can say that the Pinfest can get a bit addictive..... hehehe! & I've only started pinning about 2 weeks ago! FANTASTIC layout!
    THANKS for Sharing this with US over @ Bird Is The Word!!!!!